Neil Geddes


Neil Geddes

N.J. Geddes Fine Jewellery is a bespoke high jewellery service, offered through private consultations across the UK, internationally and, to clients in North Yorkshire, through our boutique in Boston Spa.
Whether you are looking for a simple and elegant diamond ring for a proposal, a striking necklace with rare diamonds or jewels for a special occasion, an investment piece or a suite of jewellery for a gift, our goal is the same – perfection. In the pursuit of perfection, we work only with the most talented designers and master jewellers. Our award-winning designers and craftsmen have worked with some of the most prestigious jewellery houses in the world.

Appointments will be with the owner; Neil Geddes, a GIA accredited private jeweller, who offers a personal service tailored to your requirements. Using Neil’s international network of suppliers and working with exceptional craftsmen directly, means that commissioning bespoke high jewellery gives a superior hand-made quality product while costing less than buying from traditional jewellery houses.

Buying bespoke through N. J. Geddes makes the process easier, offers a richer personal and private experience with access to the finest diamonds and jewels directly, but also saving clients time and money.

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