Q’aja Golf


Q’aja Golf

Q’aja’s unique approach to bespoke golf wear brings together quality fabrics, flamboyant designs and skillful tailoring to create trousers and shirts that move in all the right places, giving fashion and figure-conscious golfers a great, individual look, on or off-course.

We use only the finest Italian wool or cotton in our trousers and shorts. Shirts come in a unique wool and polyester mix to give body temperature regulation that prevents perspiration as well as moisture management.

Founder Tony Q’aja’s unique approach to golf fashion first captured the attention of Darren Clarke and forged a partnership that made Darren recognisable as much for his apparel as his golf. Bespoke golf wear designed by Tony Q’aja can now be seen on many successful golfers and other sports stars, businessmen, financiers and entrepreneurs everywhere.

Where there is individuality, there is Q’aja.